About me

Hi, my name is Anita and this is my bilingual blog.
Sort of diary, sort of review space, sort photography place.
I’m Polish nerd with boobs.
I read everything except philosophy, watch more TV series than I weight nad love RPG and FPS computer games. I travel a lot.
I take thousands of photos all the time, but then delete half of them or more, although recently I’m trying to learn “RAW thing” so I try to save my camera a bit.
My favourite part of the day is late afternoon, when the sunlight is yellow, not white.
I write and speak in British English, not American English.
I have two bachelors and (almost) a master degree. Not going for a PhD. 7 years is way too much higher education in my life. I work in PR agency.
I think these days people get offended way to easily.

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