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Hi all! I’m going on an adventure soon, so I’ve decided to write before I go. I will probably talk only about my vacation after I’m back, so let’s use the time when I’m still of sound mind. Today I want to tell you about my food-experiment with vegetarianism, how it went and what do I think about switching to vege life.

First things first, what is this all about. Some time ago I and my sister Pati decided to start a one-month-long experiment with our food. We’ve decided to start vegetarian diet and hold on to it. 30 days later we went back to meat.

I must say shifting to meatless diet was not as tough and painful as I originally thought. I found out I don’t eat that much meat in the first place. I was always more of a cheese person; I’ve eaten ham only occasionally. I don’t like chicken meat and I not often eat pork or beef for dinner. Turned out it was quite easy to eat only vegetables, fruits, particularly because we filled us up with dairy and grain products.

Worst part of not-eating meat was… the family. Our parents were cool with it, as we have crazy ideas all the time, but grandmother wasn’t so happy when we came to the dinner she cooked and said we won’t be eating this beautiful and tasty steak. Luckily a week later she settled with us and fried us some eggs instead.

There was no significant rise of money we spend on food. All in all, meat is rather expensive (when you don’t like chicken) so I’d say we even saved some. During our diet we were constantly looking for new dishes and then we found out about our homemade ramen we all here love and cook every now and then. We had a good reason to make sushi again and we ate more of our beloved cheese.

But we didn’t lose weight at all – probably because we didn’t change the amount of food we ate. We didn’t feel better at all, on the contrary – I wasn’t feeling so good after this diet, although my blood test were quite good. I can’t say it was because of vege month, but the fact is I did and I decided to go back to meat. To me this diet was just a fun experiment and I may do it again in the future, but I definitely won’t give up eating meat.

I would recommend this kind of experiment to everyone for one reason – well, two maybe. First, you may actually like it and stick to vege diet; it’s really a tasteful one. Second – you will greatly expand your food routine. Once you eliminate a certain food, you have to find a way to eat healthy and tasty without it.  You may find a brand new dish you’ve never tried before and find out it’s the best thing in the world.

Wow, writing about food made me hungry. Gotta go eat. :)

Let me know if you ever tried vegetarian diet and how it ended up for you!


Author: Mizu

Master of squeezing many responsibilities into very small timespan, a fan of various TV series and films. I devour books and in my free time I make jewellery. Currently I work in a PR agency and really like it.

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