Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

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As you may have heard, I’ve found a new job in June (yay!). It requires rare presence somewhere in Warsaw, but most of the week (usually) I spend working from home (isn’t it perfect?). That means obviously, I save at least two hours on commuting every day and thus I’ve decided to dedicate that time to…. TV series! Or, more accurately, series which are on Netflix. Today I present to you a review of a story based on my favourite novelist of all time.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is a BBC America TV series based upon the Douglas Adams’s novel with the same title. Although to be honest ‘based upon’ is not really suitable here, as the only common thing between the books and the series is Dirk Gently himself. The story from the books is entirely different than the one presented by BBC, but has the same amount of absurd and coincidences. Personally I believe Adams would love it.

But – first things first. The story revolves around two seemingly unconnected people – Todd Brotzman, who has an ill sister and works in a hotel to pay for her meds, and Lydia Spring – a girl gone missing. Everything changes as a terrible murder takes place and somehow… everything seems to be connected.

What will you find in this piece? I won’t tell you exactly, as not to spoil the fun. But I can tell you, if you like Adams’s or Terry Pratchett’s works, you’ll love this series. There is a lot, and I mean A LOT of absurd, coincidence and weird things happening. But! It’s not all without logical basis and after you watch it you see – it was all a part of the big plan, everyone had a part to play.

The amount of action here is bigger than in many action films. You may expect at least one shooting in every episode, some nice special effects and a shark-o-cat. Don’t ask, just watch.

This face is what you’re going to look like through half of the series.

There is a good balance between the amount of Dirk and his babbling, and Todd and his reasoning. Elijah Wood shows, although he’s not going into Mordor anymore, he’s definitely going places. You like him from the beginning, as he’s the poor fella who just happens to have troubles in life. Dirk, on the other hand, is someone who always manages to escape bigger problems and turn out unharmed. He always stays positive. There is also Amanda, Todd’s sister suffering from a mental illness and being unable to leave her house. Next – Farah, the caretaker of Lydia Spring who… obviously sucks at her job. A whole different story starts with Ken – a brilliant hacker/electrician and Bart – an assassin. Yes, you’ve read it right – she’s an actual assassin in the 21st century and she can kill someone just by waving at him.

Yeah, that’s Bart. She’s covered in blood most of the times, as she kills most of the times.

The mixture of characters and situations keeps the whole story fresh and enjoyable until the very end. Even though there is nothing similar in plot of the books and the series, I loved every minute of it as much as I love books. I’m sure watching it just once isn’t enough, as there is so much happening all the time! Gotta read the books again this summer and then rewatch the series to search the easter eggs, as I’m sure there is many.

Summing up – it’s a must-watch if you’re an Adams’s or Pratchett’s fan. I think the producers created not only a very entertaining story, but also one that teaches us how the world works… or something. Honestly don’t know. I have more questions about life, the universe and everything after this series than I had before I watched it. ;)

Filmweb shows me than not many of my friends watched this series, which is really a shame! It’s a good entertainment and also available on Netflix. Watch it today and if you didn’t like it afterwards, you may call the truck boys and do what they do best.


Author: Mizu

Master of squeezing many responsibilities into very small timespan, a fan of various TV series and films. I devour books and in my free time I make jewellery. Currently I work in a PR agency and really like it.

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