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You may have been wondering where did I disappear. I didn’t, I was just quite busy recently and didn’t find much time to come here and write. Also there was a lot going on in my private life, part which I don’t want to share, so I couldn’t possibly think of any serious topics to write about. However, yesterday was ma last classes EVER, so hell yeah – now I’m all yours! Expect something new this weekend, I finally have some free time for myself (and my unfinished master thesis) so I’ll be trying to remember all the things I wanted to tell y’all. ;) Expect reviews, political comments and some posts about German people. Stay tuned!


Author: Mizu

Master of squeezing many responsibilities into very small timespan, a fan of various TV series and films. I devour books and in my free time I make jewellery. Currently I work in a PR agency and really like it.

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